P.S. This is reminding me what I dislike but mostly what I love about Rust. The Relm4 docs have some useful guidance on managing lifetimes / ownership in the GUI context---still plenty to learn. But man, when it clicks, it clicks. The "all clear" from the compiler is a powerful drug....

Progress report:

The project is called Kit for now because I like cats and also Git. The SEO will be terrible but whatever.

Using relm4 (GTK4 under the hood) and git2 (the Rust interface to libgit2) I got as far as reading a ref name from the project's repo and displaying it in a very basic UI. Feels like a win 😺

After 2 years working with Vue 3, the ergonomics of gtk4-rs itself (powerful as it is) do not look fun. Checking out relm4....

Working to implement my "Git Blame Through Time" concept.

In the vein of lightweight tools like git gui and gitk, and the GitLens blame tool in VSCode, but done in Rust with Gtk4—and more focused on tracking the lines back through their whole history, rather than just seeing the state in a particular commit.

We'll see what happens. Yoda's words are currently ringing in my ears:

"Do or do not; there is no 'try'."

Just fixed a problem on my instance, follows should work now... so, like, have at it 😹

One day the machines will replace us. But for now, it's human beings behind the keyboard, on the Zoom screen, reading your code review.

Hunch/belief: refunds are deliberately painful to weed out the fakers and the uncommitted.

Is 43 minutes and 21 seconds of waiting music and the onerous process of repeating your account number over a muffled phone connection really worth the $71.63 or whatever?

Probably not.

Pro tip: click the tiny "Save" button in Shutterfly before clicking "Next" and adding the thing to your cart. Call it user error, call it the holiday rush and a procrastinator's order on December 23rd, all of that is true! But they charged me to mail blank cards to my friends and family, so I did sit through the rigmarole, for justice!

Yet... I probably wouldn't do it again.

But let's be honest: the most likely cause of this server's demise is not OOM errors, or load it can't handle (ha) but rather that bane of all indie blogs: unexpected non-renewal of Let's Encrypt certs 🙀

Aaand the blog goes down with an OOM failure. Don't forget Restart=always! Also don't forget: 512 is not a lot of megabytes.

Has anyone yet crawled the ActivityPub follow graph and tried to visualize it?

I get more and more tired of web apps. They're just not as nice. Switching from Gmail's ui to Thunderbird (even as neglected as it can feel) has been glorious. So snappy. Not dumbed down. And now I have 10 billion filter rules 😹

The note/article distinction is more confusing than it is helpful. Some poems are titled, some untitled, but all are poems. So it should be with posts.

Also: hi! :goose_honk: